Mega Moolah Tips


Mega Moolah Slot wins and tricks – how to land the big win

As gambling enthusiasts, we often entrust our fate to the beckoning of lady luck, though it’s not wrong, it won’t hurt to fill your arsenal with the right tips and tricks. Winning the mega moolah slot takes more than looking up to lady luck. Equipping yourself with a slot strategy is a great idea, but at the end of it all ok there is nothing you can do against the almighty, ever-complex RNG that runs the games right now. Though there isn’t a sure-fire strategy for success, you can also tilt the odds in your favour slightly. A player needs to give himself a slight edge, and that could be the vast difference between both a win as well as a loss for this pace, so let’s see some mega moolah tips we’ve been able to gather from experienced players.

Play long

Some players alternatively prefer to take advantage of the number of spins. In a normal circumstance, we would go for more spins with a maximum bet. If a player doesn’t have a substantial bankroll, it would be great to place the minimum wager and place the minimum wager and maximize the autoplay feature. But such a strategy might ruin the base game’s performance, most significantly, when you get the free spin round.

Play with the max bet

Mega moolah slot doesn’t require a player to place a wager above a particular amount if he or she wants to be eligible to land the grand prize, which is the mega jackpot. That’s a boomer-however, placing a bet gives a player that ample chance to trigger the jackpot wheel ultimately.

A player should keep track of the jackpot

Many casino players focus on the velocity with which progressive jackpot is moving; there are graphs specifically designed to help determine whether the pot is hot and due to fall. But players should take note of a higher jackpot velocity which also indicates that the competition is growing. So, if the jackpot rises fast, it merely means that more people are betting globally.

Study the paytable

Before playing slots, a player usually consults the help screen, one thing that’s not appealing about the game is that one can’t play with free credits, it’s only designed for real cash. Playing slots for free gives you some “experience” and full insight into the inner workings (systems) of the mega moolah game and what it takes to activate the bonus modes.

Take advantage of the bonus

Why don’t you want to use your bonus? You should! Many casinos offer bonuses which are geared towards slots. Some operators also give players extra money, while others offer free spins or a mix of both. However, there are wagering requirements geared towards a player’s winnings, and a bigger bonus gives players more chances to activate the jackpot wheel. Increasing the number of spins or o5pting for the maximum bet are the two main methods of playing jackpot. Just remember, when you are playing slots, you are playing blind, and the results are random.